New konkani song Visvaxim ( Faithful ) - Seby Dias Super-hit (Official Music Video)

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Song Title : Visvaxim ( Faithful )

Staring : Zeena Pinto, Lanita Noronha, Seby Dias & Jasmon Rodirgues

Vocals : Zeena Pinto, Lanita Noronha Seby Dias & Jasmon Rodrigues

Voices : Lanita Noronha

Song Writing & music composition : Seby Dias

Mix & Master : SD Studio

Lyrics translated in English :
Million stars, up in the sky
One shines brighter, it’s the one I see
This precious love, this truth of life
It comes from my heart, straight to yours.
You were like the sun, who brought the light
Into my dark, into my cold life
Your face is always before my eyes
My life always revolves around you.

Time flies when your together and it stops when your not in touch
What do you have to do to get her to notice you
Just say it to her I love you

I love flowers very much, thinking of you all day and night
Many things surrounding my life, I aint need them all any more
Such happiness I will never find, like the joy in finding you
Let us live forever always faithful.

No one knows the truth, no one will understand
I think about you, never spoke about it
I remain happy always as your on my mind
I could never know, if you feel the same.
The music plays when your near me
I do not fear with you around
You have the right words to speak
In your thoughts my days go on.

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