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Simpsons: Hit and Run [PS2] - another hidden unused Beta Music found in Level 7

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---Please Read this all---
First: If my english is bad, i'm sorry. I am from Germany :)
That's the reason, why i mute the german speech sound ingame :P
I have also mute the ambient sounds too, because you can now only hear the music ;)

By searching of the first hidden beta music (link in description too), i found a another hidden music in level 7.
That music is named "stone_cutter_spoof" in the game files and can be found behind the boundaries of the powerplant in level 7. ( 1:40 )
Also sounds very familiar to the stonecutters song-theme "we do" from the simpsons tv-show. (https://youtu.be/_ZI_aEalijE).
Near of the stonecutter-building and the secret stonecutter-tunnel from Homers- and Marges level (Level 1 and 4) has exactly this own music area in one of the last prototype builds too, but was scrapped in the final version.
In Level 7 this area between the bridge ramps and the route in to powerplant was cut in the final game, but this music areas (also "organ_music" exist too in stonecutters secret tunnel) from the prototype still exist in the final game.
The Reason, why this Area is no more existing in Level 7 is the Developer has no more time to "spookify" completly this Level and has cutted these unfinished areas for the final game build.

This works on all Platforms.
PC Version: https://youtu.be/MQHp5zvULJA?t=1m18s (from me in HD-Quality)
And for sure, this works on Nintendo Gamecube and XBOX too.

First hidden beta music:
https://youtu.be/MsDSi930QNQ (uploaded by "Fry" on PS2)

How to enable cheats:

PC: http://www.neoseeker.com/simps....ons-hit-run/cheats/p
PS2: http://www.neoseeker.com/simps....ons-hit-run/cheats/p
XBOX: http://www.neoseeker.com/simps....ons-hit-run/cheats/x
GAMECUBE: http://www.neoseeker.com/simps....ons-hit-run/cheats/g

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