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The Best Free DAWs - Free Music Making Software 2019

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In this video I look at 10 of the best free DAW software. Music making software can cost a lot but there are some great free digital audio workstations available. Check out my updated free DAW video here https://youtu.be/5XfIBydFZC8

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Get started in home studio music production with one of these best free DAWs. A digital audio workstation is where all of your recording and editing is going to take place. You will spend a lot of time in a DAW so be sure to find one that you are comfortable with. The great thing is that there are a lot of free digital audio workstations available today.

Links to Free DAWs Mentioned In This Video
► 1:33 Cakewalk by Bandlab - http://bit.ly/Cakewalk-Bandlabs
► 2:47 Tracktion T7 - http://bit.ly/sgt-tracktiont7
► 4:01 LMMS - http://bit.ly/LMMS-DAW
► 5:28 Audacity - http://bit.ly/sgt-audacity
► 6:32 Presonus Studio One Prime - http://bit.ly/Presonus-StudioOne
► 7:28 Pro Tools First - http://bit.ly/sgt-protoolsfirst
► 9:34 GarageBand - http://bit.ly/SGT-GarageBand
► 10:18 Soundbridge - http://bit.ly/SoundBridge
► 11:11 Magix Music Maker Free - http://bit.ly/Magix-Official-Music-Maker
► 12:42 BandLab - http://bit.ly/Bandlab
► 13:43 Reaper - http://bit.ly/ReaperFM
► 15:09 Ardour - http://bit.ly/ArdourDAW
► 16:07 Ableton Live Lite - http://bit.ly/AbletonLiveLite
DISCLAIMER: Some of the links in the description are affiliate links. If you use the product links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you.


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About this video
In this video, Radio Zane of Simple Green Tech looks at 10 of the best free daw software available in 2019. If you're looking for free music making software you should find this video entertaining. Music production software can cost a lot and if you're just starting out and on a budget these free digital audio workstation programs will get you making music quickly and FREE. The best free daws on the list are Tracktion T7, Cakewalk by Bandlab, Pro Tools First, Presonus Studio One Prime, Magix Music Maker Free, Audacity, LMMS, SoundBridge, GarageBand, Bandlab and the bonus picks are Reaper, Ardour, Ableton Live Lite. Reaper, Ardour, and Ableton Live Lite are technically not a free daw software but can be used for free. thank you for watching this update video of the best free Daws in 2019. I hope you find this free music making software useful for music production in your home studio.

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