Virgin Joy - Let Go | Vocal Deep House Music, New Club & Party Dance Music [Official Video] 18+

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Listen & Download "Let Go" by Virgin Joy out now: http://bit.ly/2NEn7Pp
This Beautiful Electronic Dance Music (Track With Male Vocal Deep House) Created in Style of Deep House, House Music For The Club Party And Just For Everyone Who Wants To Listen To Dance Songs. Check Out The Official Music Video For "Let Go" by Virgin Joy. Breaking Up With Someone You Love Is Never Easy. Honestly it’s One Of The Toughest Things You Can Do. Every One Of Us Is Worthy Of Love. This Is A New Song For You Boys and Girls. New Song Deep House About Love And Dreams. We look forward to your reaction to our new music video. Let go song (n.o bts) may sounds like modern pop music. Download and enjoy the best atmospheric music in the style of Deep House! You can add a music track to your Instagram Stories or Facebook. TikTok Songs You Probably Don't Know The Name. I think that this single will please you, like music track Old Town Road. Space trip.

Why can’t I get you out of my mind
Why can’t I let go from time to time
Why do I see you when I close my eyes
Why can’t I unsee your beautiful smile

Why don’t you let me go my own way
Why can’t you let go, I guess I’m to blame
Why do we hold on to less than ok
We both deserve to be happy again

Why can’t I let go
Why can’t you let go
Why can’t we let go
Why can’t we let go
Why can’t I let go
Why can’t you let go
Why can’t we let go
Why can’t we let go

Where did we go wrong between there and here
When did we trade love for anger and fear
How did we lose sight of what we held dear
Now why can’t we make all this disappear

Who told you lies and then filled you with doubt
How could this happen when I was around
Love and destruction, oh look at us now
We’re holding each other as we both drown

Why can’t I let go
Why can’t you let go
Why can’t we let go
Why can’t we let go
Why can’t I let go
Why can’t you let go
Why can’t we let go
Why can’t we let go

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